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CM-SMA-Data Manager M

CM-SMA-Data Manager M


Product Details

CM-SMA- Data Manager M

The Data Manager M and the new Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS are perfectly

coordinated with each other. This not only makes it easier to monitor, analyze, parameterize

and manage PV systems, but also helps save time and money.

• Standardized user interface

• Seamless remote parameterization

• Easy overview of entire portfolio

• Quick and direct online identification and troubleshooting

• Easy structuring of PV systems according to individual needs

Technical data SMA Data Manager M
Supported devices Max. 50 devices: Inverters, I/O systems
& meters, Ethernet,
100 Mbit/sMax, RS485, Modbus
Network (LAN) 2x RJ45, switched, 10BaseT/100BaseT
USB 1x USB 2.0, type A
Dimensions (W x H x D) 161.1 mm
/ 89.7 mm
/ 67.2 mm
Weight 220
Status display LEDs for system and communication status
Accessories (optional)
I/O system by Moxa Europe GmbH ioLogik E1241 (4AO), SMA order number: eIO-E1241
ioLogik E1242 (4AI/4DI/4DIO), SMA order number: eIO-E1242
ioLogik E1260 (6RTD), SMA order number: eIO-E1260