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About Us

We are a leading distributor of solar pv system equipment e.g. solar panels, solar inverters, communication and monitoring system, sensors, mounting and other relevant equipment. We selected reliable, high-technology and high-quality equipment for the most stable and efficient solar pv system.

Especially, regarding solar inverters which is the most important composition and the main part of solar pv system, we are an officially authorized distributor of SMA Solar Technology (Thailand) Ltd. under SMA brand from Germany which is the world’s number one quality brand with 55% market share worldwide.

Trusted globally, we ensure that SMA Inverter will make your system work most efficiently. With the connecting system, you will never miss any generated kWh without worry about safety problem. You will be pleased in the long run by the customer service teams all over Thailand.

Aside from inverters, we completely provide other premium quality equipment for customers. Moreover, we serve our partners and customers with excellent international standard service to meet customer’s needs. We are a fair and professional partner. We also focus on working efficiently and support clean and eco-friendly technology.